Garden Organization

Tuesday was a gardening clean-up/organization day. I filled all my containers with dirt just to ensure that I had enough soil for all my containers. Lo and behold, I didn’t have enough. I’ll be trekking to Lowes in the next couple of days to get more soil. Sigh…This year I’m using a potting soil called, “Gardener’s Potting Soil”. It looks and feels great! I hope it’ll perform this year. I also got their compost too. Great stuff!

I’m attempting to have a container garden this year since I might be moving to an upstairs apartment in which I won’t have any land to garden with but instead a balcony. I hope everything I attempt to grow in containers will be successful. I bought these watering caps that screw onto 2 liter pop bottles from Thompson and Morgan so I hope they’ll maintain the water consistency in my soil. Fingers crossed!

The weatherman predicted rain for this week so I wanted to have everything clean and tidy and sheltered for the rain.

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