Package from Thompson and Morgan

I got my Thompson and Morgan package today! I bought 12 transplant pots and 4 water wizards (for watering). I got all of this for only $4.00 (the cost of shipping). Here’s a picture of the contents:

I already screwed the wizards onto the 2-liter bottles to make sure it fits and it does! I also got some free seeds for ordering too. I received some ornamental corn and echium seeds (don’t have the slightest idea what this is) for free too!

I also started some more tomato and pepper seeds last night. I was planning on giving out a few to my coworkers as a kind gesture. Here’s what I planted last night:

  • Pepperocini Peppers
  • Spicy Peppers
  • Sweet 100 Tomato
  • Patio Hybrid Tomato
  • Tiny Tim Tomato
  • Roma Tomato

The weather has been up and down lately: one day it’s sunny and the other day it’s raining. I guess that’s a sign of spring. Only 1 month before the last frost date! I can’t wait for the frost date to come.

Regardless, I’m still gardening outside. I have some cool season vegetables outside: peas, chard, radishes, lettuces, onions and garlic, etc and some of my bulbs I planted in the fall are sprouting and blooming already (who knew!).


  1. Aimee "Roo" said

    Those water wizard things are really neat! And what a great deal you got too!

  2. Gardening for Fun said

    Thanks for the comment. I really am impressed by the good deal I got. We’ll see if the water wizards work as well as they say! Happy gardening!

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