Onion Experiment

In Organic Gardening Magazine, I read an article about planting the ends of green onions in dirt. They had a really neat picture of the white parts of the onions in potting soil and another picture of the same onions all grown and ready to use. I decided to give it a try. We made a layered bean dip the other night and I asked my fiancee to save the bottoms of the green onions. The article suggest using loamy soil but I just stuck it in the same soil I have an avocado pit in (the avocado pit will take a while to root so why not). I assumed it would take a while but to my surprise, the next morning, it already had some growth to it! Take a gander:


  1. I just started my own set of green onions to regrow after Christmas dinner. Did your experiment turn out?

    • aveggiegarden said

      I hope your onions do well for you. My experiment was a success. We had so many green onions throughout the year. I don’t think I’ve bought more onions since finding out about this trick. Good luck to you!

  2. […] Green onions, come back! Filed under: cooking, greenhouse, vegetable gardening — Jimmy Cracked-Corn @ 12:00 pm Tags: free food, green onions, it works, regrow, reuse Did you know that grocery store green onions will grow back the part you ate?  Neither did I until about a week ago! […]

  3. I just regrew onions as well:

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