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Spider Plant Spiderettes are Planted

I layered the spiderettes last night. Most websites say it will take around 7-10 days for them to root. I can then sever them from the mother plant afterwards. I really hope they root and grow. I would like to keep one at work and give the rest to friends and family.

I hope to start some new seeds today. I think I’ll start them outside since the weather has been so nice and it seems like everything I plant outside always turns out better than the ones I have under grow lights. I guess nature is supreme above all! I found these discarded seed trays the other day so I’ll be starting new seeds in those. I’m just so happy that the weather has been so lovely. I can finally be outside in my garden and actually garden! My car thermometer said it was 70 degrees outside. Yippee!

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My New Spider Plant

The weather here is just so lovely. It’s been in the high 60’s and low 70’s and nice and sunny. My only hope is it will last. Unfortunately, the weatherman said that it will rain this Sunday 😦 It was good while it lasted though.

For Valentines, my fiancee bought me an African Violet. I don’t like the idea of buying cut flowers since they’ll be dead in a couple of days. An African violet will last me much longer than cut flowers. He also got me some gardening gloves, bearded iris bulbs, and a gardening pot (for the bulbs). It was a lovely and thoughtful gift!

In this weekend’s ads, OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) had a 10% off sale on all seed starting supplies so I stopped in before work this morning. I didn’t see anything I really wanted but instead i saw this beautiful spider plant. It was in a huge hanging pot and was so heavy to lift. I bought it for my grow shelves. It already had some baby spider plantlets, which I hope to pot up and make more spider plants as gifts. I’m going to try the propagating technique known as layering. I’m excited to see if it works!

I also transplanted some seedlings in bigger containers. I was using jiffy peat pellets and the roots were hanging out of the netting so I moved them to red plastic cups.

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Thompson and Morgan Fun!!!

Today, I ordered garden supplies for the spring. Thompson and Morgan has a special $10.00 off coupon with no minimum requirement. I bought some water spikes and some transplant pots. The total was $14 and with the coupon, I only spent $4 for 4 water spikes and 12 transplant pots! I can’t wait for them to come in! Since it’s been raining, I can dream and look at catalogs!

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Rain Rain Go Away…

It’s been raining this weekend so there’s not a lot of gardening going on. I can’t wait for the rain to go and the sun to come out!

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Flower Seed Starting

Last night, I started some more seeds! I looked at the various seed packets I was going to grow this spring and saw that I should be starting some flowers since it takes a while for it to germinate (8-10 weeks). Eek…I’m in the seed starting mood! I should be starting more seeds next week and the last week of February.

This is what I started:

  • Marigold Safari Mix
  • Tomato (Jelly Bean Hybrid)
  • Zinnia Thumbellina mixed colors
  • Snap Dragon Tall Deluxe Mixed Colors
  • Creeping Daisy
  • Snap Dragon 1st Ladies Mixed Colors
  • Petunia Pearls Azure Blue Hybrid
  • Petunia Prism Sunshine Hybrid

The top of my fridge is bombarded with all these trays and containers full of jiffy pellets or seed soil! I’m glad I have a stock pile of jiffy pellets!

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Tomato Seeds I Started

I started some tomato and petunia seeds the other night. I find seed starting relaxing and fun. I spent over 2 hours in the kitchen preparing, planting, and labeling. Here’s the list of things I planted:

  • Tiny Tim Tomatoes
  • Patio Hybrid Tomatoes (they’re designed to be placed in pots)
  • Supersweet 100 Tomatoes
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Marglobe Tomatoes
  • Petunia Seeds I collected last year. I hope they sprout!!! Fingers Crossed.
  • Petunia Seeds from a packet

Over the weekend, my bf bought me a grow light set up and since he’s an electrician, he wired it up so there are switches for me to turn on and off. He’s so sweet! I’ll have to post some pictures! I love it!!!!

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African Violet Clean-Up

A couple of days ago, I repotted the suckers from my African Violet I got from the Dollar Store almost 8 months ago. They stopped blooming and I kind of forgot about it until I noticed that it was overly crowded! After the suckers grow a little bit, they’re much easier to handle. I popped them off with an xacto knife. The following picture is what I believe are suckers.

Here is a picture of the suckers that were removed and potted up in seed starting soil. I hope they root and make me more African Violets.

Here is my African Violet free from all the suckers.

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