Crocus or Croci?

I just wanted to post some pictures of some crocus bulbs I planted last year. I forgot where I put them so it’s a pleasant surprise to find them here and there in the garden. The flowers are so delicate and small. It’s like what they say…big things come in small packages.

The first picture to the left is a picture of new crocus bulbs coming up. The second picture is a crocus plant ready to bloom and the third picture is a picture of a crocus in bloom. The blooms, unfortunately, do not last for more than a couple of days though.

I also have some Mexican Torch Sunflowers blooming. The blooms are big and either orangey or yellowey (as if these are real words…but they do describe the color of the flowers).

Yesterday, I transplanted my zinnia thumbellina seedlings and tiny tim tomatoes into six packs. I’m going to leave those outside since the weather has been so nice. It’s been in the low 70’s during the day. I wish I could work outside but alas, I must go to work! 😦 I’m excited that daylight savings time is this weekend. We get an extra hour of sunlight! Yippee!

I bought some Sequoia Strawberries from Home Depot and I transplanted them on Tuesday in the ground and in some hanging baskets. I hope we get tons of strawberries!

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