Nice Day Outside!

I planted cosmos single sensation, cilantro, rosemary and rose campion seeds yesterday. It was a nice day outside so I spent the better part of the morning outside. However, the afternoons are getting a bit hot (in th 80’s). I shouldn’t complain though since it is nice and sunny outside.

My tomato seedlings are doing very well. They’re getting thick stems and more leaves! They’ll be ready to transplant soon! I’ve been acclimating my tomato, pepper (both peruvian and jalapeno), marigolds, etc outside. I think I’ll be able to transplant my seedlings next week in the ground! The only problem is: I have my cool weather seedlings in the places where my warm weather seedlings will need to go. The seedlings are still pretty small so I think they’ll be able to share spaces well.

My strawberries are producing flowers like crazy. I’ve already counted about 10 flowers and they’re still more blooming. I have 12 strawberry plants and I hope they’ll be able to provide enough for me and my fiancee. We’ll see how well they grow! This is our first year growing strawberries and I hope they’re not too difficult to care for. Speaking of strawberries, my alpine strawberries I started from seed are doing well:

I am also apart of the staff committee here at work and we’re going to have a St. Patrick’s Day party. Instead of the usual prizes that every office gives (a coffee mug with candy) we decided to give plants as prizes and we also bought the usual office prizes too but we improved it by giving frozen mugs with gum and candy (all green). The plants are super cute and the pots are green and white. I’ll have to take some pictures to post. Here are the prizes.

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