April is Gardening Month

My avocado sprout
The above picture is of my avocado sprout. It took it awhile but here it is!!!

I’ve been preparing for the rain these past couple of days. I transplanted my eggplant seedlings into a pot I had and I also put one in the ground. I made sure that I didn’t put it in the same spot as I did last year b/c diseases can be transferred year to year. It’s always a good idea to move crops around every 3 years to ensure no transfers of diseases or fungi.

I put my nasturtium into the same square I have my Marglobe tomato to deter aphids and other bugs. This is my first year growing nasturtium, and probably most of the other seedlings I have, and they are so pretty. They’re pretty fast growers and bloom early in the season. Nasturtiums are also edible, although I haven’t eaten one myself. The flowers are gourgeous!

This year, I’m attempting to companion plant to deter bugs and pests and also to enhance flavor. I have onions next to my tomatoes. As mentioned above, nasturtiums next to my tomatoes, marigolds next to the tomatoes also, basil (Thai and Italian) with tomatoes, and so much more I can’t think of at the moment.

I also moved my zucchini outside into the ground and in a large pot. I’m experimenting with containers this year b/c I might be moving to a second floor apartment where there is no dirt to get “diiirty” but instead a big balcony. This year, I’m growing tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, squash, strawberries, and eggplant in containers. I hope they do well this season. I just went outside and it was very warm so my seedlings will be super happy!

Well, I’m off to Orchard Supply Hardware to get some potting soil and some plant tags and maybe other items that I see… They’re having a special this weekend where they pay for the sales tax. They’re celebrating the end of “tax season”. Good for me!!!

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