My Houseplants

Instead of writing a post about my outside garden, I thought I would post my pics of my small but growing number of houseplants. Like many beginning gardeners, I started my interest in gardening with houseplants. I remember seeing something online about growing houseplants and I kept reading and researching what type of houseplants were best for beginners. I settled for the elusive yet hardy jade plant. However, the jade plant did not survive a season. I knew jade plants were desert plants so when summer came around, I exposed the plant to full 100 degree sun and it subsequently went into shock and died. In memory of my beloved jade plant, I dedicate this post to you…my first ever houseplant!

Here are my indoor plants: click on the pictures for a close up.


African-violet babies. These are so simple to root. For directions, click here

Tangerine seedlings

Spider Plant. It’s currently rooting 5-6 baby spider plants. I’ll root them and grow them to be the size of the pic below and give them away to friends and family. Want one?

Spider plant baby

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