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Garden Update 02-03-08

Package from Mary Ellen. Thanks Mary Ellen!!! (Click on picture for larger image)
The other day, I received a swap package from a fellow gardener named Mary Ellen. I’m part of a group called “Petal Pushers” which hosts its forum on Gardenweb. They host a monthly swap which consists of partners and you simply send them seeds and garden supplies. It’s a nice surprise every month since everyone gives different seeds to their partners. It’s like an anticipated present every month and you get the benefit of giving away your surplus/left over seeds to others who might be interested in them. I planted my eggplants yesterday. Last year, I didn’t get any eggplants although I did get a lot of pretty velvety leaves and some flowers. It was partly my fault because I had to housesit during the hottest times of the summer and didn’t have anyone to water my garden. After my house sitting days, I had to move apartments so everything had to go except for a select few plants. I hope I get tons of eggplants this year. I planted 8 plants so what are the chances I’ll get one productive plant? I hope I hope…

Seedlings Transplanted (cabbage) (Click on picture for larger image)

I transplanted some of my seedlings into their own individual pots on the 29th. I think they were getting crowded in my seed trays. I transplanted some cabbage, broccoli, swiss chard, bok choy, and a lot of lettuces. They’ll be ready to go out in 2 weeks. I plan on putting them in full sun since it’s still cool outside and temps are moderate (around 60 degrees). I don’t think they’ll get sun burnt or anything. I’ll just make sure to set them out in stages (i.e. slowly acclimate them to outside conditions).


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Garden Update 02-01-08

2007 Supersweet Tomatoes (Click on picture for larger image)

For the first day of February, I decided to start my tomato seeds and pepper seeds. I still have to get my ladybug and red/gold currant tomatoes started tonight though. I didn’t have enough time this morning before work to start them.

The list of tomatoes and peppers I started are as follows:

  • Brandywine (x4)
  • Brown Berry (x2)
  • Fireball (x2)
  • Gardeners Delight (x4)
  • Marglobe (x4)
  • Patio (x4)
  • Roma (x4)
  • Supersweet (x6)
  • Black Cherry (x2)
  • Jelly Bean (x4)

For Peppers, I started:

  • Hungarian Yellow Wax (x5)
  • Kung Pao Peppers (x6)
  • Long Thin Cayenne (x4)

I started some bell peppers and jalapenos last week to give them a jump start.

I started them a week early because of the date mainly due to my compulsive gardening tracking. It’s easy to calculate days to harvest when you start the first day of a month. Starting them a week early doesn’t hurt them a bit. I typically start them in February and slowly set them outside by the middle of March (the last frost date in my region) and a week won’t hurt any. I hope! I can’t believe it’s that time of year to start tomatoes! I was giddy this morning when I woke up and started preparing to plant seeds. I can see the abundance of cherry tomatoes and grilled peppers already! As Rachel Ray would say, “Yumm-o!”

This year, I want to start saving seeds from my heirloom tomatoes and peppers. I have a book called, “Seed Saving and Sowing” by Carole Turner which describes exactly when to harvest different vegetables. For example, she says to collect seeds from eggplants after they ripe on the plant and the same is true with peppers. I can’t wait to start applying her principles to my own gardening.

I still have my eggplants to start tonight when I get home from work. I plan on growing two varieties of eggplant. The first is my favorite heirloom called Black Beauty. The other is a white eggplant called Cloud 9. I grew these white jewels 2 years ago and saved some of the seeds. I hope they germinate well.

Cloud 9 Eggplants (2006) (Click on picture for larger image)

I might start some of my herb seeds today too. I have quite a few herbs I want to try from seed which include thyme (broadleaf), oregano, rosemary, and chives. I hope I can get a lot of chives this year. I want to grow them in a pot and keep the pot growing all year long. Here’s hoping. My favorite herb, basil, will have to wait until the middle of February because it grows so fast that by the time it’s ready to move outside, there’ll still be frost temperatures.

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