Garden Update 03-29-08

Okra Seedlings (click to enlarge)
Today I was busily spending lots of time in the garden. I moved my bell pepper seedlings, dill, fennel, Mexican Honey tomato and stock seedlings into bigger pots. I also planted more radishes (watermelon radishes) into the ground as well as sunflower, asparagus peas, and black zucchini seedlings.

I’m also going to attempt to try getting some green beans to sprout. I have some seeds I got from a trade and my coworker gave me some the other day. I am soaking some purple peacock, romano, top crop, and tendergreen beans tonight so I can plant them tomorrow. I truly hope they sprout! Wish me luck. I also plan on planting some more nasturtiums seeds. I have some that have sprouted but I hope to grow a bunch. They look so pretty last year.

On Friday, I planted more flower seedlings: zinnia-thumbelina, aster, marigold, lams ear, calendula and sunflower maximillon. I noticed that I didn’t have enough flower seedlings the other day. I believe my veggie seedlings

I also put some stakes down to distinguish my square foot garden and I noticed that I had six squares empty. I think I’ll plant more herbs like basil in some of the squares but I don’t know what else. I need some low growing veggies b/c my these squares are in front of my cucumbers and tomatoes and they need as much sun as they can get. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bren said

    New to blogging but not to Gardening. Just curious to what those Mexican Honey Tomatoes taste like? DO they grow easy like most tomato plants?
    You can visit me at my blog:

    I love your blogging – very inspiring!

    Zone 5 Gardener

  2. Gardening for Fun said

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I actually have never tried Mexican Honey tomatoes. They look like yellow pear tomatoes though. I received a packet of seeds from a friend. I’ll let you know as the season progresses. Keep checking the blog for more updates.

  3. Ru Temple said

    Ah – I did succumb to a yellow pear tomato in a 4″ pot from the local hardware/garden spot (OSH); but I’ll be curious to hear what you think of your Mex. honey tomatoes as they grow this season!

    You’d commented on the bean starts on my Flickr photo stream and I answered on our varieties; I love coming over and seeing your seedling pix as well!

    For your remaining square feet, since you have tomatoes already, I’d toss in both basil and carrots, who love one another (and tomatoes, if those squares are near a tomato plant). Basil can be difficult to germinate — it takes forEVER, coats itself with a gel first for several days – no that’s not spoilage – and then there they bounce; or you can do what I do and get starts!

  4. Gardening for Fun said

    ru temple, welcome and nice to talk to you!

    I bet yellow pear will be good. I wish I had some heirloom seeds for pear tomatoes. I will definitely update through the season on my Mexican honey tomatoes.

    I plan on putting 2 or 3 squares full of basil: sweet basil, thai basil, and lemon basil. We’ll see. I haven’t had that many problems with germinating basil but I do have problems with my beans. You’re lucky to have bean starts!

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