Growing Garlic in a Container

Garlic Plants 199 days 05-27-08

The garlic I started in November (around 7 months) is slowly dieing back. I dug a couple inches down to the bulbs and I can feel it. It feels big and bulby. I think it needs a little more time in the sun. I saw on Martha Stewart when they had the garlic expert on TV that it takes 9 months for garlic to mature and I still have 2 months left before it ripes.

The way I did it was I got a big container and put the bulbs 4 inches deep. I water it and just wait…and wait…and wait.

I’ve heard elsewhere that when the leaves on garlic die back, that it is ready but I disagree. I think the longer I have it in the soil the bigger the bulb gets. Well, I guess that’s all for now. I still have more packing before our big move to our very first place! Yippee.


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