Fall Seed Starting 2008

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but with the new house, renovations, and our new puppy I have been super super busy. Today, I was able to plant some fall veggie seeds for the upcoming fall season. Here’s what I’ve planted:

  • Arrugula
  • Bibb Lettuce
  • Bok Choi
  • Sequioa Beans
  • Endive

I hope this will produce some more salads for us this winter. I might plant more beans, spinach, carrots, and lettuce in a week or two after this batch of seedlings sprout.

Picture of an Eureka Lemon (I hope I get lots of these)

On another note, my sweet husband got us a lemon tree for our anniversary/birthday present. The traditional gift for the 1st year of marriage is paper and we interpreted as a tree! What a great interpretation I think. It’s an Eureka lemon tree and I believe it’s around 2 years old. We planted it in the front of our house that gets afternoon sun. I hope it grows into a productive tree since lemons cost an arm and a leg these days! Here’s hoping… Well that’s all folks, happy gardening!


  1. dwhitsett said

    Dwight here…I wonder where you garden? I borrowed one of your pictures a while back. I garden in West Texas (Zone 7b) and grow some of what you do but I noticed you planted a lemon tree so that must put you in a milder zone. charamongarden.wordress.com

    • aveggiegarden said

      Hi Dwight! I actually grow in zone 9 in California. I’ve been gardening for about 3-4 years so I’m pretty new to it. This blog allows me to reflect back on what I’ve grown, what has worked, etc. Happy gardening to you!

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