Review: Renee’s Garden Seeds

This year I decided to purchase some seeds from Renee’s Garden.

My local garden center has a large rack of Renee’s seeds and I tend to migrate over to this rack because of the beautiful and elegant seed packet design. The front of the seed packets have the name of the plant and a neat colored illustration of the plant. The back of the packet has the usual growing instructions but unlike other seed packets, they provide notes, tips, harvest and use instructions which is very helpful to a new gardener like myself. In addition, the back of the packets includes an insert that thoroughly describes what you’re growing.

Since I am mainly a veggie grower. I picked out some veggie seeds to buy. I bought some little gem lettuces, tri-color pole beans and little prince eggplants. The price was $2.00 a packet (they were on sale this week…the normal purchase price is $2.69) and the quantity of seeds was surprisingly abundant. The tricolor pole bean packet was full of beans, the little gem lettuces had plenty of seeds (so much I don’t expect I’ll have to buy another packet for years!), and the little prince eggplant came with around 30-40 seeds (enough for a couple of years of plants).

I was pleasantly surprised with Renee’s Garden seeds and would recommend them to any gardener! I’ll post updates on how well my plants grow this year. I hope for the best. Thank you Renee’s Garden Seeds.



  1. kevinthegarden said

    I’m gettin’ antsy. I need restraint. I can’t do it yet here in Richmond, Va. I. I. I. I GOTTA PLANT SOMETHING!!!

    • aveggiegarden said

      How much more do you have until you can start seeds? I’m a little late in starting mine here in California so I’m playing catchup. Happy gardening.

  2. kevinthegarden said

    Wow, sorry. I haven’t had time to check comments in a while. I’m in the dirt now here on the other coast. I’m on time now. I will be solarizing my bed here shortly, but first I have to double the size from last year. Lots to feed this year, more variety going in. Things will be transplanted about mid April, or sooner. Sometimes I cheat.

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