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Garden Update



Sorry, I have been tardy in posting. I have had a lot of things going on. We got a new puppy named Colt. He’s only 2 months old. We got him at the pound and we just adore him. We are going through the potty training stages so please pray for us. We’ve already had a couple of accidents but I think he’s getting the hang of it. It’s great that he has an older brother, Casey to show him how things are done. Casey has just started to warm up to him but I think in a couple of months, they will be fast buddies.


Soon after we got Colt, I had to leave to Texas for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was very pretty and I’m glad I got a chance to go. I had to leave my dh at home to tend to the dogs. They had a great weekend of man/doggy bonding. I came home to a wonderful mess though. Typical men behavior when the gals are away. I didn’t mind and it wasn’t too messy.



In the garden, things are starting to bloom. Daffodils which typically are the first to bloom in the spring have been popping up everywhere in the front yard. I am so glad I planted 40-50 daffodil bulbs last fall. Most of them are coming up and have buds on them! I can’t wait to have daffodils in vases in our new home! I’m glad I did not buy 2 bags of daffodil bulbs though because the previous homeowner had planted them too! So now I have patches of daffodils in our front yard. It’s really nice to have a break between the rain and gloomy weather and have flowers blooming. In addition to the daffodils, my camellia shrub has these big red flowers. There are a ton of buds on them so I’ll have blooms for a while! I’m so excited.


The garlic has started to sprout. I still have 2 bulbs of garlic to plant but I’m waiting for my dh to build my garden beds before I plant them. I might find a place on the side of my yard though since I have lots to plant. I also got some elephant garlic from the grocery store and planted those. Those took awhile to sprout but lo and behold, I see green peaking through the potting soil. I’ll eventually transplant those in the ground when my garden is ready.


On Tuesday, I was able to plant some of my cold-weather vegetable seedlings that were getting too big for their cell packs. I planted a lot of lettuce in rectangular planters and along side our backyard fence. In a couple of weeks, I’ll have some decent size plants so I’ll be able to pick enough for a decent salad. This week, I also started pregerminating some beans, cucumbers, squash, and corn seeds. The way I pregerminate is pretty simple. I take a paper towel and lay my seeds on top of it and I semi-soak the towel and place the towels in a plastic bag and set it on top of my fridge or put them in the car with me (I park in a place that gets decent sun that warms my car. My car is my little heat mat.

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Repotting seedlings

In the past 3 years I have been vegetable gardening, I would plant all my seeds in seed trays with 72 divisions. And since I am not the greenest of gardeners, I normally did not get 100% germination on all my seeds so my seed trays always had bare spots sprinkled amongst the divisions. This always bothered me because I was a perfectionist and the fact that I could have had other seeds that would have germinated in those spots. I am sure other gardeners have also felt this frustration. So I promised myself that I would not do this the next year. However, my forgetfulness got to me and I continued with my habit of taking out my large seed trays and planting my seeds in them. Then I remembered my promise to myself the previous year. So, I pulled out some old trays I had laying around (a cheap way to get your hands on these is to save the trays you get from the frozen dinner meals. They’re perfect size to start seeds). I planted a lot of veggie seeds in these and once they developed their true leaves, I pricked them out and set them in my seed trays with divisions. That way I got a full tray of seedlings and no empty spots! I thought I would share my “aha” moment with yal.

Yesterday, I took some endive seedlings I had planted in a pot and moved them into their individual spot in a six-pack I had. Afterwards, I marvelled at how pretty and neat it looked with seedlings in every spot! I was very proud of myself. I also moved some bibb and buttercrunch lettuces into their own spot.

My tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings are doing well. Although they have been slow to germinate, I’ve been getting several pop up on me daily. To aide in germination, I decided to take the trays with me to work in my car. My car gets a lot of sun throughout the day and I thought it would be a perfect spot for my seeds to get some heat. So in the car they went yesterday along with my seed potatoes I have been chitting.

The potatoes already have little eyes on each one of them. They should be ready to pot up in the next couple of weeks. Since we haven’t gotten around to making raised beds, I have decided that I am going to plant almost everything in containers. I plan on planting the potato seeds I have in pots and moving them to their final place when we get everything set up. I hope this is okay for potatoes to do this. If not, I’ll know for next year.

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