More Houseplants and Seeds

Today, OSH (known as Orchard Supply Hardware) had a buy one get one free houseplant sale. I was super excited because I have never seen a houseplant sale like this before. So I got up this morning and went to my local OSH and there were racks upon racks of houseplants that were BOGIF.

I picked up two pothos, one coradatum philendendrom, and one creeping Charlie plant which is also known as ground ivy. I plan on putting the philendendrom in my master bathroom which gets lots of morning sunlight. One of the pothos and creeping Charlie plants I plan on putting in my craft room and the other pothos in my living room. I hope my husband does not mind! Hehe. I’ll post pictures later.

I also got some seeds and Atlas fish emulsion for my veggies and seedlings. I’ve never tried this brand before so we’ll see how well it does in my garden. I’ll post a review later this season.

I got five more Renee’s Garden seed packets. The varieties are called: Renee’s Caeser Duo (green and red romaines), Mini Jack (baby pumpkins), Two Color Fiesta (Mexican tomatillos), Sweet Armenian (cucumbers), and Neon Glow (rainbow chard).

I also noticed that the corn, bean and cucumber seeds I pre-germinated have sprouted. I’ll have to pot them up in their own six pack later tonight. I was surprise at how fast these sprouted because I’ve heard they take a while. By pre-germinating my seeds, I’m not wasting space in my trays. One my biggest pet peeves are putting trays of dirt underneath the grow lights only to have 20-30 percent of seeds that have germinated. This year I am being proactive and making sure that all the spots on the trays have a plant. We’ll see how that goes though….Until next time, happy gardening.


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  1. Renee’s looked really interesting this year, but I didn’t end up picking any up. I would love to see how the varieties you picked turn out! Keep us updated.

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