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Everything is up for the Fall Garden

I went out to take a look at my raised beds, my first ever and was surprised to see everything is up! Even the spinach which I’ve had problems in the past germinating. I guess it works better if you just plant the seeds in the ground. The lettuce, radish, beans, cucumbers, spinach, carrots, and arrugula are up. This week, I planted some additional things like basil, cilantro, peas, and beets. I’ll wait to see if those come up in the next week. I’m so glad I’m getting back to gardening. It’s such a pleasure to see things grow! I’ll post pics soon.

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Garden Update 08-06-09

I am so sorry for the lack of postings. We have been very busy with our house. We finally finished our backyard which I have photographed and documented so I’ll get them up and posted soon. The backyard was such an exciting yet stressful task. My poor husband did a lot of the work. First, we knocked out a large area that was concreted and had to dispose of. Luckily, we found a place that takes used concrete and recycles it and makes new concrete and all for free! We were so excited to hear this because our local dump makes us pay to dump things. After the concrete, we added concrete. Interesting uhh?!? We added a walkway on the side of the house. It looks really nice. A funny story about the concrete though. After my husband had worked so hard on the concrete, we had to keep the dogs off it. However, I had a blond moment and accidentally let the dogs out to go potty and guess what they did. They walked right down the middle of it!!! Eeek. I had to tell my husband what happened. He thought I was joking. I wasn’t. He was able to fix it though. Whew!!

After the concrete fiasco, we had to dig trenches for the sprinklers. I helped with this tedious task. It was hard but when it was done, it was done!!! We then put my garden fence up. I have a little area for my garden now! We built two out of three raised beds and I have dirt and compost in one of them. The other one is partially full. It won’t be ready until we can get a hold of some dirt or compost. The third raised bed is yet to be built. Last weekend, I was able to start some seeds in the bed that was full. I planted a variety of veggies. Let’s see if I can remember all the stuff I planted: tri-color beans from Renee’s seeds, cucumbers, carrots, arrugula, radishes-cherry belle, and a lettuce mix. It looks like it’s a salad raised beds.

Everything I planted from seed this spring did not make it through the hot summer. I had most of them in pots but the demanding watering schedule got the best of me and most withered away and died. By the time we had the raised beds made and filled; it was already 110 degrees so planting them then would have been detrimental. I’ll have fall to redeem my gardening rep though. Stay tune. I’ll try and keep up with my postings!

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