Spring Seed Starting 03-14-10

Yesterday, I started another tray of seeds. I love starting seeds and seeing each little seed’s progress through the upcoming days.

Here’s a list of what I planted:


Patio Tomato (Burpee)

San Marzano Plum Tomato (Wintersown)

Oregon Spring Tomato (Wintersown)

Campbell’s Tomato (Campbell’s)

Beefsteak Tomato (American Seeds)

Marglobe Tomato (Groco Seeds)

Sweet Gold (Tomato Growers)

Supersweet 100 Tomato (Burpee)


Little Prince Eggplant (Renee’s Garden)


Cubanelle Pepper (Lawn and Garden)

Sweet Banana Pepper (Ferry Morse)

Jalapeno Pepper (Ferry Morse)

California Wonder Pepper (American Seeds)


Sunflower tall (Groco Seeds)

Baby Pumpkins-Mini Jack (Renee’s Garden)

Sugar Pie Pumpkin (Lily Miller)

Lunaria (Burpee)

Flax (Groco Seeds)


  1. indrani said


    Pls let me know from where u hav got all the above seeds.


  2. aveggiegarden said

    If you look next to the names of the seeds, I’ve placed the seed company’s name next to them. I mainly got them from Grocoseeds and from stores like Walmart and Target. I hope this helps.

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