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Pepper Plants-Bell Pepper, Jalapeno, Kung Pao, etc


 Peppers 147 days

I just wanted to show a picture of some of my peppers I’ve been growing. They’ve taken awhile to get to fruit but I think it’s well worth it. My only regret this year is that I didn’t grow more bell peppers. Next year, I’ll plant twice as many seeds I did this year so I’ll be sure to have plenty of bell peppers. Lately, my DH and I have really liked roasted bell peppers on anything! They are wonderful on top of crusty bread!! Here are some other pics of my many pepper plants


 Bell Pepper 134 days


Numex Big Jim Pepper Plant 57 days


Kung Pao Pepper Plant 133days 06-09-08


Jalapeno 133days 06-09-08

 I’m also growing some fish peppers and some other peppers I forgot the names of. I can’t wait to see the fish peppers. I’ve heard they are pretty colors and stripes. Can’t wait til harvest time!



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