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Seedling and Project Updates

Here is an update on my garden endeavors. The Onion Experiment is doing well. Here’s the comparison picture:

The first picture is of 1 day and the second picture is of 7 days. They’re growing exponentially daily! My seedlings are doing well. The tomato seedlings I planted only a week ago are already sprouting.

The outside seeds (hollyhock, daisies, morning glories, marigolds, asters, etc) that I planted on February 17th are showing signs of life finally.

The petunias I love so dearly are up and running. Petunias were the first flower seeds I’ve ever sown and they were the first blooming flower that was the result of my tender, loving, care so it will always have a place in my heart! (LOL…but it’s true!).

Yesterday, I transplanted the tomato and marigold seedlings that were getting way too big for the peat pellets. The containers I used to transplant them were recycled from milk, punch, and oj cartons we had left over. Those containers are wonderful. They’re perfect for the recycling gardener since they were designed to hold liquid in the first place so there’s no worries about it leaking, it’s also really big so you don’t have to transplant several times before the frost (i.e. tomatoes), plus they’re free!

I also bought my first Aloe plant and 12 sequoia everbearing strawberry plants. I hope they’ll produce all summer long. I plan to plant them in my hanging baskets.

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