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Nice Potting Soil

Stocks Dwarf 10 Weeks

I finally found a really good potting soil for a decent price. At Orchard Supply Hardware, they are selling their own potting soil for $3.99 for 25 quarts. When buying soil, especially potting soil, you should take a peak of what it is before buying it. Luckily, some other fellow gardeners took that hint and had poked a hole in one of the potting soil bags. The soil was magnificent. It was light and airy and it looks like there were some perlite in it too. If you can’t make your own potting soil (equal parts of peat moss or alternative to peat moss, perlite and vermiculite), I would definitely recommend this variety. The soil bags that are opened are normally discounted at the end of the season, so watch out for those too! You’ll get a great deal on those.

This morning, I put some petunias and stocks into a green container I had bought at the $.99 store. They look so pretty together and they had enough room! When the stocks die in the summer, I’ll replace it with some other flowers. I’m thinking “Chinese Lanterns”. I absolutely fell in love with Chinese Lanterns when I was following the grow along post on chinese lanterns on ygg

I also noticed that I had some squares that weren’t being used. I think I’ll put edamame or soy beans in one of the squares but for the other one, I’m not sure…maybe some garden beans or green beans. I also want to add some more flowers to my vegetable beds. Right now, I have some marigolds, nasturtiums, and cosmos.

I’m also going to start some more geranium cuttings. I want to see if I can get them big enough and to get them to bloom before my wedding in September. I want tons of plants and flowers in the reception area. It’s going to be a garden themed wedding so the more plants, the better!

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Garden Organization

Tuesday was a gardening clean-up/organization day. I filled all my containers with dirt just to ensure that I had enough soil for all my containers. Lo and behold, I didn’t have enough. I’ll be trekking to Lowes in the next couple of days to get more soil. Sigh…This year I’m using a potting soil called, “Gardener’s Potting Soil”. It looks and feels great! I hope it’ll perform this year. I also got their compost too. Great stuff!

I’m attempting to have a container garden this year since I might be moving to an upstairs apartment in which I won’t have any land to garden with but instead a balcony. I hope everything I attempt to grow in containers will be successful. I bought these watering caps that screw onto 2 liter pop bottles from Thompson and Morgan so I hope they’ll maintain the water consistency in my soil. Fingers crossed!

The weatherman predicted rain for this week so I wanted to have everything clean and tidy and sheltered for the rain.

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