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Garden Update

White Impatien Flower (Click on picture for larger image)

Red Impatien Flower (Click on picture for larger image)

Salmon Colored Impatien Flower (Click on picture for larger image)

I started some impatien seeds this winter for houseplants and they’ve started to bloom. Amazingly, they’re three different colors: pink, red, and white. I just wanted to show everyone my first bloom of my impatiens. They’re gorgeous. I’ll eventually repot them into larger pots to allow them to grow a little bigger. I’ll probably use terra cotta pots since I like the look of terra cotta.

Yesterday, I started some more seeds. I started some herb seeds (thyme broadleaf, rosemary, catnip, chives, oregano, and lemon balm) in these small ice cream pots you get at the grocery store. I also started some more swiss chard-bright lights in peat pellets. I was so excited when I got these as an exchange from my garden buddy, Mary Ellen. I’ve always wanted to try these and was going to get some at the store next time I was out. Luckily, I got my seed package in the mail before that! I also started my first flower seeds as well. I started some stocks 10 weeks, wonder eggs, hosta, and snapdragon (first ladies mix). I’m excited to see how the wonder eggs and hosta will do. I have a bit of shade in my garden and am hoping the hosta will do well there. Here’s hoping…

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Garden Update 02-03-08

Package from Mary Ellen. Thanks Mary Ellen!!! (Click on picture for larger image)
The other day, I received a swap package from a fellow gardener named Mary Ellen. I’m part of a group called “Petal Pushers” which hosts its forum on Gardenweb. They host a monthly swap which consists of partners and you simply send them seeds and garden supplies. It’s a nice surprise every month since everyone gives different seeds to their partners. It’s like an anticipated present every month and you get the benefit of giving away your surplus/left over seeds to others who might be interested in them. I planted my eggplants yesterday. Last year, I didn’t get any eggplants although I did get a lot of pretty velvety leaves and some flowers. It was partly my fault because I had to housesit during the hottest times of the summer and didn’t have anyone to water my garden. After my house sitting days, I had to move apartments so everything had to go except for a select few plants. I hope I get tons of eggplants this year. I planted 8 plants so what are the chances I’ll get one productive plant? I hope I hope…

Seedlings Transplanted (cabbage) (Click on picture for larger image)

I transplanted some of my seedlings into their own individual pots on the 29th. I think they were getting crowded in my seed trays. I transplanted some cabbage, broccoli, swiss chard, bok choy, and a lot of lettuces. They’ll be ready to go out in 2 weeks. I plan on putting them in full sun since it’s still cool outside and temps are moderate (around 60 degrees). I don’t think they’ll get sun burnt or anything. I’ll just make sure to set them out in stages (i.e. slowly acclimate them to outside conditions).

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Seed Trade List

Beans-scarlett runner
Beans-purple podded variety or any variety
Pea/Bean inoculant
Sweet or hot peppers
Tomatoes, any variety
Coleus seeds, any variety
Sweet peas
Bok Choi
Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)
Eggplant (small size variety)
Container veggies

Aster, Crego Mixed Color
Baby’s Breath
Bird’s Eyes
Black Eyed Susan
Butterfly Bush
Yellow Catchfly
Chelone Turtlehead Pink
Chinese Forget Me Not
Chrysanthemum, Summer Festival
Cosmos, Sensation Mixed
DaylilyFalse Sunflower
Forget Me Not, Blue Alpine
Helianthus, Lemon Queen
Helichrysum tall double mixed
Hollyhock, Majorette Mix
Hollyhock, Burgandy
Maltese Cross lychnis chalcedonica
Marigold Petite Yellow
Marigold French Dwarf
Marigold Madness
Marigold, Safari Mix
Monarda Lambada Bee Balm
Morning Glory, Mixed Colors
Poached Eggplant
Poppy, Oriental
Poppy, Shirley
Purple Majesty Millet
Rose Campion
Snap Dragon, 1st Ladies Mixed Colors
Snap Dragon, Tall Deluxe Mixed ColorsStock
Sweet William tall double mixed
Sunflower maximillion
Sunflower (tall growing variety)
Trumpet Vine
Zinnia, Giant Double Flower

Lemon Basil

Beans, Top Crop
Beans, Kentucky Wonder
Beans, French Filet
Beans, Yellow Wax
Broccoli, De Cicco
Brussels Sprouts, Catskill
Cabbage, Early Golden Acre
Cantaloupe (sweet)
Carrot, Chantenay
Carrots, Danvers Half Long
Cucumber, Poinset 76
Eggplant, Cloud 9
Lettuce, Grand Rapids Tipburn Resistant
Lettuce, Oriental Leaf Mix
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson
Okra, Clemson Spineless
Peas, Sugar Snap
Pepper, Jalapeno
Pepper, Ornamental
Pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern
Pumpkin, Triple Treat
Radish, French Dressing
Swiss Chard, rainbow mix
Tomato, heirloom
Tomato, Marglobe
Turnip, Green-Seven TopTurnip, Tokyo Cross Hybrid
Watermelon, Crimson Sweet
Watermelon, Sugar Baby


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